Threaded Reed Sensor

The Threaded Reed Sensors were used thread to fixed, according to change the nut's position to adjust the mounting size .Matching different magnet the sensing distance can be 5mm-30mm .

There are ABS many kinds of  housing material ,like ABS ,Stainless steel , and Brass .

Mounting thread : M5-M12 

Contact rating:10W,50W and 100W(MS25 can load bigger power 80W and 120W is available)

  • Being hermetically sealed ,It can be used in all types of environments including air ,water ,vacuum ,oil,fuels and dust laden atmospheres
  • No power required or current drain in its quiescent state
  • Choice of normal open(FormA) ,normal closed(FormB) ,or change-over contact(Form C)
  • Customer can define sensitivity ,cable length and connector 
  • Household application 
  • Security system switch
  • Level sensor 
  • Position and end switch 
Electrical Characteristics
Series MS10 MS25 MS09
Description With M8
With M12 thread(M5,M6,M8,
Housing materialABS ABS Stainless Brass
 Contact form A,B,C A,B,C,E A,B,C,E A,B,C,E
Rated power(W)10/50/10080/120 10/50/100 10/50/100
Voltage(VDC)175/565/1000250VAC 175/265/1000 175/265/1000
 Current 0.5/1 3A 0.5/1 0.5/1