Sensors for Brake Levers

TS03 Series 
TS03 series sensors for brake levers are contactless and virtually wear-free by magnetic .Compared with ordinary mechanical switch ,it has smaller size ,faster speed,longer working life ,and compared with hall sensor,it has no power required or current drain in its quiescent state ,and it is  characerized with the capacity to resist load impact and highly reliable to operate.This brack switch does not require ant control/switching voltage and therefore is 2-pin universal usable for almost all controllers.

  • No standby power requirement ,great solution for the dramatic increase in battery powered devices 
  • Customer can define activated distance ,cable length and connector type 
  • Form A (Normal open ),form B(Normal closed )
  • We can design the shape of sensor according to your mould .
  • Being hermeticalli sealed ,it can be used in all types of environments ,dustproof and waterproof 
  • E-bike of E-bike kits
  • Electric tricycle