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Reed Switch Features

Reed Switch Features
  1. Ability to switch up to 10,000 Volts
  2. Ability to switch currents up to 5 Amps
  3. Ability to switch or carry as low as 10 nanoVolts without signal  loss
  4. Ability to switch or carry  as low as 1 femtoAmp without signal loss
  5. Ability to switch or carry up to 7 GigaHz with minimal signal loss
  6. Isolation across the contacts up to 1015 Ω
  7. Contact resistance (on resistance) typical 50 milliOhms (mΩ).
  8. In its off state it requires no power or circuitry
  9. Ability to offer a latching feature
  10. Operate time in the 100 µs to 300 µs range
  11.  Ability to operate over extreme temperature ranges from –55 to 200
  12. Ability to operate in all types of environments including air, water, vacuum, oil, fuels, and dust laden atmospheres
  13.  Ability to withstand shocks up to 200 Gs
  14. Ability to withstand vibration environments of 50 Hz to 2000 Hz    at up to 30 Gs
  15. Long life.  With no wearing parts, load switching under 5 Volts at 10 mA, will operate well into the billions of operation