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Rectangular Reed Sensor

Magnetic Proximity Switch is constructed by shaping and sealing the reed switch connected with wires.
Switching action will occur when a magnetic object is in the proximity .
It is usually used as a position sensor.

The MS05 &MS06 are  more popular types , Fixed by a screw M3 or adhesive .
MS23 has a bigger size than MS06 .

MS19 ,Adhesive mounting and wires exit from middle .Widely be used on the auto doors .
MS17 we design to work with high voltage and power switch.Form A,B,C and E can be provide
MS24 Easy to mounted ,Fixed by a screw or adhesive .


  • Being hermetically sealed ,It can be used in all types of environments including air ,water ,vacuum ,
  • oil,fuels and dust laden atmospheres
  • No power required or current drain in its quiescent state
  • Choice of normal open(FormA) ,normal closed(FormB) ,or change-over contact(Form C)
  • Customer can define sensitivity ,cable length and connector 
  • Household application 
  • Security system switch
  • Level sensor 
  • Position and end switch 

Technical parameters

 Type  MS05  MS06  MS17  MS19  MS23  MS24
Conatct Rating(W)  10 10/50/100  80/120  10/50/100  10/50/100  10
 175 175/265/1000  250VAC  175/265/1000  175/265/1000 175
Current(A)  0.5 0.5/1.0  3  0.5/1.0  0.5/1.0  0.5
23*14*5.9  29*19*7 96*24*14  35*10*6.9  27*14.5*6 28*8.5*5

Alex Li,
Mar 14, 2016, 2:36 AM