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Cylinder Reed Sensor

Cylinder Reed sensors are  widely used to the security system  , household application ,Auto  and so on .

The size is smaller than rectangular reed sensor , fixed by the glue or put in a hole .Matching different magnet ,
 the sensing distance range from 5mm to  30mm is available .

MS08's  size is bigger than MS07 and MS18 ,It has normal open (N/O),normal closed (N/C) and changeover
three types can choice . 

MS07 is a small cylindrical ,ABS housing to protect the inner reed switch.

MS18 has the smallest size , . Widely be used  to communication field .

Size : MS07 Diameter 4*18mm 

         MS08 Diameter 5.6*25.6mm
        MS18 Diameter 3*10mm 
MS20's is similar size  with MS08.MS21 and MS20 can realize the same  function as the MS08. 
They are  designed to work in a high voltage and power environment .

Szie :MS20 : Diameter 6*30mm     
        MS21 : Diameter 11*15mm;Diameter 11*30mm

Feature :
  • Being hermetically sealed ,It can be used in all types of environments including air ,water ,vacuum ,
  • oil,fuels and dust laden atmospheres
  • No power required or current drain in its quiescent state
  • Choice of normal open(Form A) ,normal closed(Form B) ,or change-over contact(Form C)
  • Customer can define sensitivity ,cable length and connector 
  • Household application 
  • Security system switch
  • Level sensor 
  • Position and end switch 
 Electrical Characteristics :
Series   MS07  MS08  MS18  MS20  MS21
 Contact form   A  A/B/C  A  A/B/C  A/B/C
 Rated power(W)   10  10  10  10/50/100  10/50/100
Voltage (VDC)  175  175  100 175/265/1000 175/265/1000
 Current  (A)  0.5  0.5  0.5  0.5/1  0.5/1

Alex Li,
Mar 14, 2016, 2:36 AM