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Vertical Mount Level Sensor

  • Made of PP material 
  • Classic design,compact size; 
  • Choice of normal open or normal close;
  • No standby power requirement;
  • Customer can define activated distance,cable length and connector;
  • Hermetically sealed,suit to tough environment and long life.
  • Widely used in household appliances, automotive applications and control technology.
Part No. LS01  LS02  LS02S  LS03 


Housing Size(mm) M8, L-37  M8, L-42.5  L-42.5  M8, L-53  L-44.2 
 Feature Smallest Size Good ratio of price/performance For Screw Fastening Good ratio of price/performance  For Screw Fastening 
Contact Form 1A,1B  1A,1B  1A,1B   1A,1B 1A,1B 
Contact Rating  Max 10W  10/50W   10/50W 10/50W  10/50W 
Max.Switching Voltage 200/300   200/300  200/300 200/300   200/350
Min.Breakdown Voltage   250/450  250/500  250/500 250/500   250/500
Max.Switching Current 0.5A  0.5A  0.5A   0.5A 0.5A 
Max.Carry Current  1.0/1.5 1.0/2.5  1.0/2.5   1.0/2.5  1.0/2.5

Alex Li,
Mar 14, 2016, 2:36 AM