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Horizontal Mount Level Sensor

Horizontal mount level sensor is used to test  level change  .If it is not convenience to make a hole on the top or bottom of the tank ,this kind of sensor will be a good choice to customers 

Normal open type : When the liquid level is higher than your need ,it will send a switch signal  out . you can contact a pump ,relay ,PLC and so on . 

LS06 need mounted from inside , special design , forming  a 90 angle .customer can over turn   180 angle  to realize normal open or normal closed .

LS07 is made of ABS material , It can load up 50W power .

LS14 mounted screw is 1/2" NPT , Customer can mount from outside directly  and needn't any sealing .The working temperature range is -20 degree and  120 degree.
LS09  and LS12 series are made of stainless steel 304 .

LS09 , 90 angle ,   M10  mounting screw , 80mm length. The working temperature range is -40 degree and  200 degree.
LS12 series has two standard type ,LS12T and LS12S .

Advantages and Applications
  • Classic design,compact size; 
  • Choice of normal open or normal close;
  • No standby power requirement;
  • Customer can define activated distance,cable length and connector;
  • Hermetically sealed,suit to tough environment and long life.
  • Widely used in household appliances, automotive applications and control technology.
Electrical Characteristics :
Type   LS06  LS07  LS14  LS09  LS12 
Rated power (W)  10W  50W 50W  50W  50W
 Voltage (VDC)  200  220  220  220  220
 Current (A)  0.5  0.5  0.5  0.5 0.5 
 working temperature   -20 to 80 degree  -20 to 80 degree -20 to 120
 -40 to 200 degree  -40 to 200 degree

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Mar 14, 2016, 2:36 AM