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Electronica China 2013

Misensor Booth Number: E1.1135

March 19-21, 2013 ElectronicaChina, Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

Misensor Booth Number: E1.1135  March 19-21, 2013 ElectronicaChina, Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

Exhibition profile
electronica China is the leading trade fair for electronic components and systems in China as well as in the Asian-Pacific region. The yearly fair takes place at the New International Expo Centre in Shanghai. The Growth of a decade has established electronica China a name for its "high-end applications and technological innovations". The trade fair offers a unique chance to directly present your own company, and to take part in a series of international innovation forums on latest industry application trends and solutions in growth markets. 

electronica China demonstrates a close link to the world’s leading trade fair electronica in Munich, Germany. The fair in China has been constantly growing thanks to the developing electronic Chinese sector.
electronica China is presented in parallel to productronica China, which has its focus on electronic manufacturing equipment. Thus, the entire spectrum of the electronics industry – from electronic components manufacturing to electronics components – is present during one event.

Shanghai Subway Network Map

General semiconductors
1.01  Diodes (including diode networks) 
1.02  Transistors 
1.03  Opto-semiconductor components 
1.04  Accessories for discrete semiconductors 
1.05  Logic circuits 
1.06  Processors for workstations and PCs 
1.07  Peripheral ICs 
1.08  Memories and memory peripherals 
1.09  Application-specific ICs (ASSP) 
1.10  Data/signal transformer ICs 
1.11  Amplifier ICs 
1.12  Digital signal processors 
1.13  ICs, special designs (including ASICs/CSICs) 
1.14  Other

Power semiconductor components and moduls
2.01 Bipolar Transistors 
2.02 Darlington Transistors 
2.03 Diodes 
2.04 Semiconductor Relays 
2.05 IGBTs 
2.06 Power Modules and Power Hybrids 
2.07 MOSFETs 
2.08 Fast Recovery Rectifiers 
2.09 Silicon Semiconductor Devices 
2.10 Smart Power Ics 
2.11 Thyristors

Embedded Systems
3.01  Microprocessors 
3.02  Microcontrollers 
3.03  Peripheral systems 
3.04  Assemblies/modules 
3.05  Industrial PCs 
3.06  PC cards 
3.07  Development tools, hardware 
3.08  Development tools, software 
3.09  Services for embedded systems

4.01  Sensors for geometrical parameters 
4.02  Sensors for mechanical parameters 
4.03  Sensors for time and time-based parameters 
4.04  Sensors for temperature and caloric parameters 
4.05  Sensors for climatic parameters 
4.06  Sensors for optical and acoustic parameters 
4.07  Sensors for electrical and magnetical parameters 
4.08  Sensors for chemical parameters 
4.09  Sensors for biological parameters 
4.10  Sensor elements by technology 
4.11  Microsystems 
4.12  Components for sensors and microsystems

5.01  RF MEMS 
5.02  Optical MEMS 
5.03  MEMS-Sensors 
5.04  MEMS Actuators 
5.05  MEMS Packaging Technology and Services

Relays, Switches and Interconnection technology
6.01  Switches for continuous connection 
6.02  Switches with additional functions 
6.03  Electrical keys 
6.04  Detector components 
6.05  Detector and signaling devices 
6.06 Keyboards and accessories 
6.07  Components and accessories for keyboards 
6.08  Initiation devices, manually activated 
6.09  Relays 
6.10  Standardized connectors 
6.11  Connectors for specific handling 
6.12  Connectors, PCB-mountable 
6.13  Sockets 
6.14  Connectors, application-oriented 
6.15  Connectors for telecommunications 
6.16  Cables with connectors 
6.17  Connectors with additional functions 
6.18  Connectors, specific forms 
6.19  Miscellaneous connectors 
6.20  Accessories for connectors 
6.21  Specialized connection/connecting components

Passive components
7.01  Inductors and accessories 
7.02  Capacitors 
7.03  Resistors (including R networks) 
7.04  Microwave components 
7.05  Miscellaneous passive components 
7.06  Piezo electric components 
7.07  Magnetic and electronic ceramic products

Motors / drives
8.1  Motors 
8.2  Gears 
8.3  Magnetic actuators 
8.4  Actuators, miscellaneous 
8.5  Accessories for actuators

9.01  Coaxial high-frequency cables 
9.02  RF cords 
9.03  Semi-rigid cables 
9.04  Configured coaxial cables 
9.05  Coaxial conductor components and systems 
9.06  Twinaxial components 
9.07  Wire harnesses 
9.08  Spiral cords 
9.09  Customized cables 
9.10  Light-conducting cables 
9.11  Instrument cables 
9.12  Safety cables/leads 
9.13  Data transmission cables 
9.14  Computer cables 
9.15  Round-conductor ribbon cables for IDC 
9.16  Flexibel ribbon cables 
9.17  Shielded cables 
9.18  Halogen-free cables 
9.19  Enamelled wire 
9.20  Wire/cables/leads, miscellaneous 
9.21  Cables, miscellaneous

Assemblies and subsystems
10.01  Board assemblies 
10.02  Automotive electronic assemblies 
10.03  Assemblies for measurement applications 
10.04  Assemblies for control applications 
10.05  Printer assemblies 
10.06  Assemblies, miscellaneous 
10.07  DDI and other network-technology components 
10.08  Electronics protection devices (EMI/ESD) 
10.09  Hybrid modules (including multi-chip modules)

Microwave technology 
11.01  Antennas and antenna accessories 
11.02  Signal transmission components, RF 
11.03  RF switches 
11.04  Signal influencing components 
11.05  Accessories 
11.06  Passive microwave components, miscellaneous 
11.07  Microwave components, active 
11.08  Filters, resonators and oscillators

12.01 Plasma Display Panel (PDP) 
12.02 Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) 
12.03 Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) 
12.04 Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) 
12.05 EL Display 
12.06 Field Emission Display (FED) 
12.07 Light Emitting Diode (LED) 
12.08 Surface Conduction Emitter Display (SED) 
12.09 Projection display 
12.10 E-Paper 
12.11 Peripheral equipment for displays 

13.01  Transformers 
13.02  Coilware for specific applications 
13.03  Accessories for coilware 
13.04  Power supplies, DC-output 
13.05  Power supplies, AC-output 
13.06  Frequency converters 
13.07  UPS systems 
13.08  Special power supplies 
13.09  Batteries 
13.10  Static current supplies, miscellaneous 
13.11  Power management systems 
13.12  Accessories