Fuel Level Sensor for yacht

The FLS-L is a cost effective fuel level sensor designed for smaller trucks.It could be easily adapted to different type of tanks and can be delivered with customizable sensor length, various fittings and output signal.The measurements are done by a series of reed switches positioned inside the level tube,a float with built in magnet moving up and down when fluid level changes, would trigger the reed switches inside the tube respectively, thus, generate a potential free resistance signal with a Ohm value to indicate the change of fluid level.The switch contacts are hermetically sealed in the inert gas,and operated by a magnet, it is more reliable than the traditional resistive fuel level sensor.
Sensor Features and Characteristics
  • Made in 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Standard SAE 5 hole flange
  • Customized connectors upon customer request
  • Fully customized output resistance
  • 21mm Standard measurement resolution 21mm
  • IP67 classified,
  • operational temperature:-40℃- 85℃ 
  • Fuel level indication
  • Suction and return pipe to engine fuel pump
  • optional low level alarm
  • optional filter
  • optional ventilation pipe