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AdBlue Quality Sensors

Designed to meet global emission legislation


To ensure emissions compliance with JP 09, EPA 10 and EURO VI, MIsensor has, during the past two years developed a platform technology for continuously measurements of urea quality.

The primary technology behind this innovation is a Ultrasound based platform that accurately measures the speed of sound of the fluid being present in the AdBlue tank.

The urea quality sensor is designed for on-line use, has a tamper resistant design and will eliminate any use of non-compliance AdBlue (DEF). Furthermore, the sensor has a durable design according to the requirements set in JP 09, EPA 10 and EURO VI.



A complete AdBlue sensor system- interfaced into one unit

Interfacing the quality sensor with a MIsensor AdBlue level sensor, allows MIsensor to offer its customers a complete system, interfaced into one unit with features such as:

·       High and low level indicator

·       Suction and return of AdBlue

·       Heating tubes for melting of frozen AdBlue

·       Temperature

·       Filter

·       AdBlue quality measurements

·       Can-bus communication to OBD

Why use a urea quality sensor?

The benefits derived from a urea quality sensor can be described from three aspects:

·       Safety aspect

·       Truck operator aspect

·       Truck manufacturer aspect

Common features for these three aspects have proven to be:

·       Diesel fuel is accidentally put on the AdBlue tank

·       Salt water is deliberately put on the AdBlue tank

·       Truck driver is topping up the AdBlue tank with water

·       AdBlue canisters are refilled and reused

·       Rogue suppliers producing non-DIN specification adBlue

Actually, industry sources indicate that up to 50% of truck drivers in certain European countries do not use AdBlue on the SCR trucks.

The consequences of the above can be summarized as follows:

·       Explosions and fire in the catalyst due to diesel in the AdBlue tank

·       Engine damage due to diesel in the AdBlue tank

·       SCR ring gasket damages due to Diesel in the AdBlue tank

·       Clogging of catalyst due to non-compliance AdBlue

·       Non-compliance AdBlue will not meet emission legislation

·       Non-compliance AdBlue can incur costly torque penalties

·       Non-compliance AdBlue can incur financial penalties from authorities

·       Non-compliance AdBlue can incur warranty claims

·       Running with poor quality AdBlue or diluted AdBlue may cause transport companies to suffer damage to their reputation for corporate responsibility.

The Urea quality sensor provides the following benefits:

·       It detects immediately if diesel fuel is present in the AdBlue tank

·       It can alarm the AdBlue dozing pump, enabling it to stop injection of diesel and thereby preventing hazardous situations

·       It will immediately detect any non-compliance AdBlue

·       It can instruct dozing unit to stop injection and thereby preventing any non-compliance AdBlue from entering the catalyst.

·       It will report by CanBus to OBD any discrepancy from standard settings

·       It will assist in roadside checks or during annual testing by reporting the use of any non-compliance AdBlue