Adblue Sensor

In order to fulfill the legislation on the reductions of emission of Nitrogen Oxidase(NOx) from diesel engine,after treatment systems, such as SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) has been developed to reduce NOx,SCR technology converts the NOx exhaust fumes into harmless water and nitrogen by chemical reaction of urea in a catalyst in the exhaust gas steam.Our state of arts AD series level sensor is designed for SCR system, and to detect the level of AdBlue.The measurements are done by a series of reed switches positioned inside the level tube,a float with built in magnet moving up and down when fluid level changes, would trigger the reed switches inside the tube respectively, thus, generate a potential free resistance signal with a Ohm value to indicate the change of fluid level.Compare to other level sensing technologies, AD series of level sensor without complex electronic circuit,is a simple, robust solution for AdBlue tanks.     
  • Sensor Features and Characteristics 
  • High and low level indication 
  • Coolant water circuit for heating 
  • Built in temperature sensor 
  • Integrated suction and return for AdBlue 
  • Optional Filter solutions 
  • Material 316 stainless steel  
  • Flexible wire connections, customized connector upon request 
  • Flexible mounting methods, customized solution upon request 

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