Fuel Level Sensor

Misensor design and manufacture state-of-the-art products for the automotive, marine and agriculture & Construction equipment.

Our core business activities are level sensors solutions for fuel, water, waste, AdBlue.

Applying the principle of magnetic field to control the reed on-off switch, featuring long using life, anti-vibration, anti-explosion, etc.
Rated Power: 125mW 
Rated Current for alarm
switch: 500mA
Wire: PVC material (PA corrugated pipe cover is optional)
Connector: Brand Delphi, Tyco  or  others  is  available
according to customer ’s                  
Output signal: Resistance control signal, 0-190Ω , 240-
33Ω, or customized as required; You can also choose current control signal, 0-20mA, 4-20mA or Voltage  control  signal,  0.5-
4.5VDC, 0-5VDC
Precision range: 10-40mm
Operating temperature:

Scandinavian roads are notorious for their variable quality. Vibrations combined with extreme temperature variations exposes the sensors for a lot of stress. Should the sensor fail, there is a risk of the truck stopping – it’s that simple. That is why more and more European truck producer choose to install Misensor sensors

The main body is made of
SUS316 or SUS304 
stainless steel

Length range:
100 ~  2000  mm. The 
recommended ones are at
appendix B. It also can be
customized according to
your requirements.

SAE standard 5 holes,
others please refer to appendix A.

- 5 pieces of M5 screws
- 2 mm thick NBR gasket
or  recommended  2  mm
thick  FPM  gasket  if  be
used in gas tank.
Protection rank: IP67

Misensor’s fuel and AdBlue sensors for commercial vehicles have a variety of functions included. Designed to ensure trouble-free function even in extreme Nordic climates, they are the most reliable on the market. With a minimum of moving parts and use of choice materials, they are hardly vulnerable to wear and tear as well as environmental exposure. Moreover, all our products are designed for easy and cost effective installation.
Rather than having to deal with many components from various producers, a growing number of OEMs choose the integrated level measurement systems offered by Misensor. In addition to straightforward sensors that indicate high
 and low levels, we offer multi function systems that combine sensors with suction and return pipes for engine and heater, temperature sensors and various filter solutions. 

Misensor is known for tailoring its marine fuel sensors to the precise specifications of boat producers and shipyards, regardless of how large (or small) a production series you might require. Our sensors can be made compatible with any tank form, hull size and mounting whole pattern. They are easy-to-mount and just as easy to service.


 Fuel Level Sensor Overview 

Alex Li,
Mar 14, 2016, 2:36 AM
Alex Li,
Mar 14, 2016, 2:36 AM