Elevator Parts


In the elevator industry, magnetic reed switches are used for positioning and control. They are preferably used where mechanically actuated limit switches no longer function satisfactorily due to unfavourable operating conditions such as high or low start-up speeds, high switching frequencies, strong dust or dirt influence, high humidity, chemical atmospheres or large fluctuations in operation intervals.
Part No.  BS01  BS02  BS03

Size (L×W×H) 96mm×24mm×14mm 89mm×25mm×25mm Φ12×100mm
Housing Material ABS  ABS ABS
Mounting TypeScrew Fastening M4 Screws Screw 
Contact Form Form A, C, E
Operating Principle Magnetic
Contact Rating   Max. 120W
Switching VoltageMax. 250VAC
Breakdown VoltageMore than 800VAC
Switching Current Max. 3A
Carry CurrentMax. 5A
Switching Speed Max. 18m/s
Switching Frequency Max. 300Hz
Operate Time Max. 3.5ms
Release Time Max. 0.5ms