Elevator Magnetic Reed Switch

In the elevator industry ,magnetic reed switches are used for positioning and control .They are preferably used where mechanically actuated limit switches no longer function satisfactorily due to unfavourable operating conditions such as high or low start-up speeds ,high switching frequencies ,strong dust or influence ,high humidity ,chemical atmospheres or large fluctuations in operation intervals.

The  BS01 Application in elevator door ,providing no contact signal transfer 
Directions: Bi-stable  door switches is with dust-proof  and explosion-proof  plastic case ,foreign made reed switch with  original package,high life ,Actuating magnet choice depends on actual environment conditions.
The BS02 Application in elevator car level for position sensing
Directions:Elevator level bi-stable switch is with dust-proof and explosion-proof plastic case ,foreign-made reed switch with original package,High life .Available for elevator level position sensing ,throw -over switch ,limit switch and position measuring sensor .
Actuating magnet choice depends on actual environment conditions.

  • High power switches available
  • Other cables, connectors and colors available
  • Various case sizes available
  • Five operate sensitivities available
  • A choice of cable terminations and lengths are available
  • Position and limit switch
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic actuator position indication
  • End motion detection for linear drives
  • Indication and end travel limit switch
  • Limit and motion detection for machine industry  .

    Part No.Mounting TypeHousing material Contact formOperating
    Rating Max
    Switching Voltage Switching Current Testing Distance
    BS01 Screw Fastening ABS A.C. E Magnetic Max.120WMax 250 VAC Max.3A 5-15mm
    BS02 M4 Screw ABS A.C.E MagneticMax .120W Max 250 VAC Max.3A 3-16mm
    BS03 Screw ABS A.C.E Magnetic Max 120W Max 250 VAC Max.3A 5-16mm

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