Door Window Contacts

The door window contacts, using magnet to sensing magnetic proximity sensor .Though different design , the sensing distance range is from 5mm to 30mm can choice .

DC01B and DC02B is design to load up a VAC voltage ,the rated power can reach 30W. Standard sensing distance is 10mm.
Widely be used at the closet door and cabinet door in China.When the door of closet open, the light on; When the door is closed the light off.
As it has current a SCR , it could not with the VDC voltage and could not be tested by multimeter .

DC05,DC06 and DC08 are widely used to load up VDC voltage . 

Normal open (N/O),Normal closed (N/C) and changeover (Form C) are  available. 

Feature :
  • Being hermetically sealed, it can be used in all types of environments;
  • No power required or current drain in its quiescent state, great solution for the dramatic increase in battery powered devices
  •  Choice of normal open(NO) or normal close (NC)
  • Customer can define sensitivity,cable length and connector 

 DC01B DC02BDC05  DC06DC17

Dimension(mm) Φ11×30 29×19×7 23×14×5.9 29×19×7 96×24×14
Contact Form 1B 1B 1A,1B,1C 1A,1B,1C 1A,1B,1C,1E
Rating  Max
30W  30W 10W/50W10W/50W /100W80W/120W 
Voltage 240VAC240VAC 175/265DC175/265/1000DC 250VAC
 Current2A  2A0.5/1A  0.5/1A 3A
 Electrical Life1×107(DC5V/10mA) 1×107(DC5V/10mA) 

 DC18 DC07 DC08DC10  DC09

Dimension(mm) Φ3×10
Φ5.6×25.6  M8×38M5-M12×38 
Contact Form1A  1A 1A 1A,1B,1C,1E1A,1B,1C,1E 
Contact Rating  Max.10W 10W 10W/50W/100W10W/50W/100W 10W/50W/100W 
      Voltage100175 175/265/1000 175/265/1000 175/265/1000
Current  0.50.5 0.5/1  0.5/1 0.5/1
Electrical Life1×107(DC5V/10mA)