Thermal Reed Switch

                                                     ----------------------TRS series
Thermal reed switch,one of the Curie Temperature Utilizing control devices, are temperature sensing switches composed of a reed switch,a permanent magnet and a temperature sensing soft ferromagnetic substance. It is a simple,reliable and potential free temperature switch with excellent operating life,high accuracy and repeatability. It is typically used as an alarm switch in the engine coolant water, oil system,and an antifreezing, overheating protection devices in various industrial applications.
Sensor Features and Characteristics :
  • Potential free, no stand by power required
  • Switch contact hermetically sealed in the inert gas, suitable for explosive environments
  • Superior operating life,high reliability,rated life over millions of switching times under appropriate conditions
  • Wide range of operating  temperature available(-30℃ - 130℃)
  • Excellent temperature accuracy(Typical ±1℃,±2.5℃),customized solution available upon request
  • Flexible mounting method