Automotive Sensor

Misensor tech is a professional sensor manufacturer ,we can produce and design many kinds of sensors
widely used in automobile industry
 Level Sensor 
Misensor Level Sensors are done by a series of reed switches positioned inside the electronic tube, a float with built in magnet moving up and down when fluid level changes, would trigger the reed switches inside the tube respectively, thus, generate a potential free resistance signal with an Ohm value to indicate the change of fluid level. The switch contacts are hermetically sealed in the inert gas, and operated by a float magnet which is the only moving part of the sensor, thereby minimize potential mechanical failures. It is more reliable than the traditional resistive fuel level sensor.


Truck, bus, construction machine, diesel generator, off-road equipment, boat and GPS system.

Fuel Level Sensors - FLS-S series

Fuel Level Sensors – FLS-L series

Fuel Level Sensors FLS-H series

AdBlue Level Sensors – AD series

Automotive Level Switches 
                                  ---------- ALS series
ALS automotive level switches consist of the subassembly with including the reed switch and the housing with the float (including the magnet). Typically they are used to provide a low level warning of engine coolant, screen wash fluid, brake fluid, hydraulic steering fluid, or oil water separator. It is a simple and reliable solution for various automotive level sensing applications.
Temperature Sensor with Alarm Output                                              ----------TS series
TS series temperature sensor is composed of NTC thermistor and thermal reed switch, an optional alarm device. It is typically used to measure engine coolant, oil and fuel temperature for automotive, marine, diesel generator sets, and off-road vehicles.

Thermal Reed Switches                         
                                        ----------TRS series
Thermal  reed switch, one of the Curie Temperature Utilizing control devices ,are temperature sensing switches composed of a reed switch,a permanent  magnet and  temperature sensing soft ferromagnetic substance .It is a simple ,reliable and potential free temperature switch with excellent operating life ,high accuracy and repeatability .It is  typically used as an  alarm switch in the engine coolant water ,oil system ,and an antifreezing,overheating protection devices in various industrial applications



Other series

Differential Pressure Switch        Pressure Sensor                   Fuel Gauge

Auto Sensor Overview

Alex Li,
Mar 14, 2016, 2:36 AM
Alex Li,
Mar 14, 2016, 2:36 AM